Zambian GAY couple arrested after family tip-off

Gay MarriageA gay couple in Zambia has been arrested after police were tipped off about their relationship by one of the men’s relatives, local media reported.

The crackdown comes weeks after a human rights activist was detained for publicly demanding that same sex relations be decriminalised.

James Mwape, 20, and 21-year-old Philip Mubiana, from the northern town of Kapiri Mposhi, are understood to have been living together for some time, according to Zambia News and Information Services (Zanis).

Standwell Lungu, police chief in Zambia’s central province, was quoted as saying: “The two have been charged with the offence of sodomy or having sex against the order of nature contrary to the laws of Zambia.

“The relatives are the ones that reported the matter to the police.”

Police claimed that Mubiana played the role of “wife” in the relationship and had been seen dressed in women’s clothes. The case mirrors that of a gay couple in Malawi who in 2009 were jailed and ridiculed before receiving a presidential pardon.

On Tuesday, Zanis reported that the men had been rearrested and denied bail after “they were found in the act again” and would face further charges.


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