“Would you date a man with a little penis?”- Nigerian ladies REACT

By Obi Odenigbo

5 things 1In an article published on informationng.com; several Nigerian ladies were asked a very sensitive question in what was very much a weird survey. Weird in the sense that Nigeria- and indeed black Africa-  is pretty much considered reserved and conservative when it comes to openly discussing sexual issues.

The question posed to the ladies who participated in this survey is fairly straightforward. Will they, or will they not leave a man because his penis size??

NoCoolStory presents to you some of their responses below;

“I won’t mind his size, as long as he loves me and I’m happy with him” – Lola

“I think love and s*x go hand in hand, if he is not well endowed, I won’t be with him”– Linda

“God forbid. A man without an ample manhood is not a real man. I need a real man that can give it to me well in the bedroom” – G

” As long as he knows how to use it, I can be with a man with a small manhood” – Jane

5 things“Well, I don’t think his size means he will better in bed. Some guys with big penises still don’t know what they are doing, so I will take what I get” -Chi Chi

“Na man-hood I wan chop? If he treats me right and takes care of me well, of course I will stay with him. But if I meet someone else with bigger instrument, I might fall into temptation ooo. lol”– Diana

“No ooo, why will I be with a man I can’t feel during s*x. Size is important, just as chest size is important for some men” – TK

“Either one God gives me, I will collect” – Bukky

“Anybody that says s*x is not important is just deceiving themselves. If your s*x life isn’t good, it will affect your relationship. So yes, I will prefer a man with a bigger size so we can both be happy” – Janet

“My man is quite small down there but we know how to work around it. So I don’t think size is that important” – Francie

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