Why pregnant & lactating mothers must drink milk


baby2Mothers give their babies milk, but mothers also need to drink milk. Milk is as good for mothers as it is for babies. Every woman should drink milk, when planning to get pregnant, as preparation; during pregnancy; and while breastfeeding.

Medical experts actually say one of the ways a mother can optimize her baby’s health is to drink milk before and during pregnancy. According to Dr. Katherine Dettwyler, a breastfeeding researcher and anthropologist, women make ample amounts of quality milk while drinking lots of milk themselves in addition to eating diets composed almost entirely of rice (or millet or sorghum) with a tiny amount of vegetables and occasional meat.

“Healthy eating habits are recommended for mothers. Such women will be healthier and feel better if they eat well and also be enabled to provide quality milk or for maintaining milk supply so that her milk would meet her baby’s needs,” she argued.

Experts usually recommend diet rich in prebiotics and probiotics.  Prebiotics are food for good bacteria that help them grow. Such diet includes a strong fibre base that increases the solubility of calcium to help its absorption. Probiotics, on the other hand, are good bacteria that grow in the gut and help fight against harmful bacteria.

Renowned Clinical Chemist, Professor Frits Muskiet, said fetal growth and development are influenced by the nutritional and health status of the mother in the period before she conceives and her state of health at the of conception. Muskiet, who practices laboratory medicine at the University Medical Centre Griningen in the Netherlands, and has authored about 240 PubMed registered publications, was key speaker at the 8th Olu Akinkugbe WAMCO Nutrition Seminar with the theme: “Optimising Baby’s Development through Nutrition Before, During and After Pregnancy”.

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