White House ‘RACISM’ sparks uproar

obama_russellA case of White House “racism” has sparked some major controversy in the White House and beyond this week, as a Muslim-American woman, Seema Jilani, claimed she recently experienced bigotry against her and her husband at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner earlier this 2013, Great News Trend reported this Wednesday, May 8.

The White House racism story stems from Seema Jilani saying that not only is racism against Muslim-Americans and others in the U.S. here and now, but also right in the Washington, D.C. abode. Jilani says she was a victim of bigotry when she, a physician, and her husband were able to attend the special dinner event. Part of the policies of the Hollywood and D.C. get-together is that husbands or wives that aren’t politically affiliated don’t join the ballroom, but the cocktail area instead, added the iDesign Times.

While Seema Jilani may have known this fact, the Muslim-American woman said that she experienced White House racism after simply trying to enter the cocktail room and not being admitted entrance, which should have been allowed (considering non-political spouse status), she said.

After noting that her husband, a journalist, in fact her keys, she tried to take the elevator to the ballroom to ask for the keys back, but was told by a security officer that she was not allowed down “without a ticket.” The security would not allow her down, even after she tried to tell him the situation.

Yet Seema Jilani said the real moment of White House “racism” took place after seeing a non-Muslim woman being taken down into the ballroom without a ticket some time later.

Source: www.examiner.com

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