“What I have with UTI”- rising Nollywood star Beverly Naya

veraIn a recent interview published on informationng.com; fast rising Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya, is known for turning heads at red carpet events. She tells Ademola Olonilua about her fashion style. Here are excerpts of some of that interview:

What were your early days like?

Both my parents are British; my mother was actually born there. I was born and raised in London. Growing up was fun for me. I am an only child, so it was relatively quiet. It was not really boring for me because I have a lot of cousins, they are more than 20. I cannot even count. I always found myself hanging out with them because a lot of them live in London and in America, so there is always something to do.

Why did you decide to come to Nigeria?

I came to Nigeria because I love acting and the country has a thriving industry, Nollywood. It provides me with the opportunity to act as often as possible. That is the main reason.

Have you ever faced s*xual harassment in the industry?

There was no s*xual harassment for me, not at all. I have not experienced it and I do not think I ever will. My experience since getting into Nollywood has been a positive one. I was fortunate enough to work with veteran actors and directors as well. I think I have had a good experience and it can only get better. I like to have a good rapport with everybody I’m working with. I like to be professional to the core. Most of the directors and producers I have worked with have a really good relationship with my mother. She is my manager. So, that helped the situation a great deal. They all respect my mother and we all have a family type of relationship, so to them, I am like a little sister.

What is your fashion weakness?

I love shoes. I have a pair of shoes that just came out; I saw them on Rihanna and I just had to have them. That is about my most expensive pair of shoes, it was made by Louboutin. It has a bright electric blue colour and they cost over £1,000. I have never worn them. I doubt if I’ll ever wear them because they are so hard to wear. They are bright blue, electric blue and it it’ll be difficult to pair that with an outfit. So, I have never worn them for that reason. You may call it a waste of money; at least I know Rihanna has it.

What are the fashion errors that irk you?

I hate camel toes. I hate when a girl wears leggings and they are too tight and then you see a camel toe. That is really an eyesore and I don’t like it. Especially when the leggings are really bright, that makes it worse.

Did you and Uti ever date?

We are not dating. Uti and I are nothing more than just friends. My boyfriend did not like the rumours. He did not find it funny. You cannot just be in a relationship and your lover is reading things like that about you with somebody else. Jealousy will definitely set in because he is romantically linked with you and nobody would appreciate that. You really have to prove that really there is nobody else except that person you are with.

Describe your dream man

My dream man should be basically tall, handsome, ambitious, God-fearing and knows how to treat a woman.

What is your selling point?

If it is physically, I do not know but I get compliments on my eyes and my lips a lot. So, I’ll say maybe that is what it is, but I don’t know. I’m a very good kisser though.

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Source: www.informationng.com

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