What Do You Think the 2014 Word of the Year Should Be?

By Terry Odenigbo


As we near the end of 2014, we start to reflect on the year as a whole. But what word best embodies this year? Can any one word sum up the significant events and themes that marked 2014?

Last year, the Dictionary.com chose “privacy” as the Word of the Year. The term embodied the preeminent concerns of 2013, from Edward Snowden’s revelation of the global-spying program Project Prism to Google’s announcement of new privacy policy plans that allow the company to incorporate user data into advertisements. What issues or events have resonated with English speakers in a similar way this year?

We think of Word of the Year as an intellectual exercise. It is, of course, nearly impossible for one word to cover the Zeitgeist of an entire year, though distilling a year into a word helps us look back on the last 12 months though the lens of thoughtful reflection.

We will announce the 2014 Word of the Year soon, but what do you think it should be? And why?

Source: dictionary.com

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