Vultures EAT woman after 1,000 ft fall

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Vultures courtesy google

After falling from a cliff in the French Pyrenees while on a hike with friends, a 52-year-old woman’s body was completely eaten up by vultures within hours, says on May 6.

The hiker, whose name was not released, fell over 1,000 feet from the hiking trail and died on impact. Aggressive vultures consumed her body before she could even be reached by rescue workers.

Rescue workers circled the area for around 45 minutes, trying to locate her body. By the time they found the woman, incredibly, all that was left was her clothing and shoes, along with a few bones.

Aggressive vultures have become an increasing problem in France. Historically, the scavengers would feed on carcasses left by French farmers. However, European safety and health regulations have now made it illegal to dump animal carcasses out on the land.

Farmers must now burn any animals that have died in their care, eliminating the food source from vultures. Officials believe this contributes to the aggression shown by the scavenging birds


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