VIDEO REVIEW: “Personally” by P-Square

By Obinna Odenigbo

personallyNigerian singing sensation P-Square have released yet another hit video that is already making waves. The twins have shown tremendous ingenuity over the years and are pushing it even further with “Personally”.

Mimicking the “eternal” moves of the late American Superstar Michael Jackson, Peter and Paul combine the American’s style with pure unadulterated Nigerian hip hop- which is fast becoming a popular genre. The twins have long been taunted for imitating stars like Usher, MJ, et cetera, but they make no fuss- in this video- about where their inspiration comes from.

The idea behind the video is without doubt, impressive and the delivery mostly so. They almost impeccably summarise the litany of dance videos of Mr Jackson in this one video. And the only flaw of the entire video comes in the mimicking of the Smooth Criminal 45 degrees slant, which the Nigerian brothers delivered with half the gusto of the original guru. But that in no way detracts from the quick feet of the twins and the quick thinking of the producers who timed the release of this video just days to the fourth anniversary of the King of Pop’s passing.

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