UNBREAK MY HEART: Toni Braxton loses RIGHTS to 27 songs!

toni bThese are not the best of times for freshly divorced singer, Toni Braxton has lost the rights to several of her major hit songs numbering 27 in total.

The singer managed to strike a deal earlier this month to resolve her latest bankruptcy woes, which hit headlines in 2010 amid rumours her debts had spiralled to between $10 million and $50 million.

As part of the agreement, Braxton was given the chance to buy back some of her personal property by paying monthly installments, while she was also allowed to buy back the copyright on a collection of 27 of her tracks for $20,000 when they went under the hammer on July 15 – as long as no one outbid her.

However, Braxton’s $20,000 offer was not enough to keep hold of her songs after a man named Ross M. Klein doubled the bid and walked away as the new owner of tracks such as Un-Break My Heart, You’re Making Me High, Always and How Many Ways, reports TMZ.com.

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