Today in history – Jan 11th

By Terry Odenigbo


On this day in 1965; Major cities–especially Saigon and Hue–and much of central Vietnam were disrupted by demonstrations and strikes led by Buddhists.Refusing to accept any government headed by Tran Van Huong, who they saw as a puppet of the United States, the Buddhists turned against U.S. institutions and their demonstrations took on an increasingly anti-American tone. Thich Tri Quang, the Buddhist leader, and other monks went on a hunger strike. A Buddhist girl in Nha Trang burned herself to death. Although Huong tried to appease the Buddhists by rearranging his government, they were not satisfied.With the Nigerian elections coming up; History seems to echo the importance of exercising our rights to vote, resist lackluster governance and decide the course of our nation. What are your thoughts?

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