Today in history – Dec. 30th

By Terry Odenigbo


On this day in 1994; John Salvi III walks into two separate abortion clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts, and shoots workers with a rifle, killing two receptionists and wounding five other employees. He was captured the next day after firing 23 shots at a Norfolk, Virginia, medical clinic. Salvi, who worked in a beauty salon in New Hampshire before his murderous rampage, was described by acquaintances as a “very odd” man. Despite his increasingly erratic behavior, Salvi’s parents resisted getting professional treatment for him. As his mental state deteriorated, he became a zealous anti-abortion activist.In March 1996, Salvi’s trial jury rejected his insanity defense and convicted him of murder. After receiving two life sentences, he killed himself in prison in November 1996.History teaches us that even though we disapprove of a practice; we must rely on the rule of law to fix it. Taking matters into our hands like the mob that killed the four boys in Aluu, Port Harcourt serves no purpose. Jungle justice has no place in any society. What are your thoughts?

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