Today in history – Dec. 29th

By Terry Odenigbo


On this day in 1940, German aircraft dropped bombs over London, setting both banks of the Thames ablaze and killing almost 3,600 British civilians.The German targeting of the English capital had begun back in August, payback for British attacks on Berlin. In September, a horrendous firestorm broke out in London’s poorest districts as German aircraft dropped 337 tons of bombs on docks, tenements, and teeming streets. The “London Blitz” killed thousands of civilians. December 29 saw the widespread destruction not just of civilians, but of great portions of London’s cultural relics. Historic buildings were severely damaged or destroyed as relentless bombing set 15,000 separate fires. While this was a tragic massacre, we all know what happened to Hitler and how his government crumbled. Again, History prompts us to the sobering reality that terror may be real; but terrorists would one day dance to the music they set. This is probably a lesson ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas and other terror groups need to remember. What are your thoughts?

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