Reactions as African actress Chika Ike finalizes divorce


chika ike divAfter a protracted separation from her ex; Tony Eberiri, Nollywood screen goddess Chika Ike filled a motion at an Abuja high court. On Friday July 26th, she got what she wanted; a divorce!

Chika broke the news herself on her facebook wall as depicted on the left

According to the Vanguard Newspapers; Chika and Tony got married in 2006, but the marriage hit the rocks a few years later.

Reactions have been mostly harsh and critical by compatriots in Nigeria who blasted the gifted actress. Some of such reactions include:

“This should make you sober, reflective and a bit humbled not making joyfully and gleefully announcing it to the world. If you must know, you failed the most basic test or assignment any good woman can undertake. It is not a thing to be proud of and announce with joy. No matter the cause of your separation, it is still a failed test. Pls be sober and pray to God you get it right next time. Your star status will soon fade cos your girlish looks will soon dissappear. It is an inevitable and a natural order of things. Put aside your pride cool down and look for a good guy to be with. After all said and done your family will be the only thing you have. A word should be enough. I wish you well Chika.” by Ogugua Osakwe MD/CEO at Kuzuosworth NIG. LTD

“I wonder what men see in Nollywood Actress as to want to marry them. Marry them today and divorce them tomorrow. Did I hear you say you want to marry a celebrity? Celebrity under my foot!”– Iro Igwe from Delta State University

“Hmmmm? Dat is jst d reason I can’t marry an actress. She’s happy announcing her divorce to d world. She should b courageous to tell us d reason y d marriage hit d rock.”– Ikenna Agwulu from Enugu

“are u a role model or lose woman?”-  Boro Eganmosi Joel from Federal Polytechnic Auchi

Despite the varying criticisms, NoCoolStory wishes her success in her endeavours and a quick rebound from this.

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