Pix Stories from the Motherland: O wutere’m

“I won the elections to become President of the Business Administration department. I had 55 more votes


“It was a hard fought election. And I thank God for the victory. However, I’ve had sad moments too. I failed a course I did not expect to fail. It was an advanced English course. O wutere’m rinne. But I took it again and cleared it.”

Lexicon Analysis:  “O wutere’m rinne” translates to “It hurt me a lot”. It is translated from Igbo- a major African language spoken by over 32 million people with celebrated artwork dating to over 2500 BC

It is important to note that some of the stories on these series have been translated from different local languages to English. And while the contents are totally original to the individual(s) pictured; some of the wordings and sentence constructions may have been modified for easier comprehension and consumption.

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