Picture Stories From The Motherland: Nwanne Onwero!

“Nwanne Onwero! As long as hair keeps growing on people’s heads, I’m in business.


“I’ve been doing this for a while. It started out as my way of helping out with school fees, but now and it’s taking care of the bills. I’m also a gospel Artist- I do this alongside my haircut business. I’m very happy because my album is in the market now. Who knows? One day, you’ll hear me on the radio or buy tickets to my show ha-ha! “

Lexicon Analysis: “Nwanne” translates to “Brother”, “Sister”; but in this context; it more appropriately translates to the slang; “Bro”. “Onwero” translates to “There is nothing…”. Because it is an incomplete syntax; it can assume several translation variations such as; “There is nothing that bothers/worries me” or “Nothing worries me” or “I have no worries” or “I’m not bothered about anything”. Both words are translated from “Igbo”- spoken by over 24 million people in Southern Nigeria.



Background info:

Legendary writer Chimamanda Adichie once said, “The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue; but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story”. 

NoCoolStory is in existence for the sole purpose of creatively correcting the many unfair and incomplete African stereotypes through the lips of Africans.

These series entitled “Picture Stories from the Motherland” attempts to do just that through the lens of the ingenious NoCoolStory photographer Drew Obiekwe.

For feedback, inquiries; please contact info@nocoolstory.com or drop a comment.

By Terry Odenigbo

Edited by Obi Odenigbo

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