PETITION: Nigerian Generals Pocketed $43m Meant For Peacekeepers

armySaharaReporters has obtained a powerful but anonymous petition written by concerned Nigerian soldiers who claim that the Nigerian Army owes its men and women who have served in various United Nations peacekeeping operations over $43 million.

The document also carpets the United Nations, which it alleges may have collaborated with cheating Nigerian army chiefs to divert the allowances of the peacekeepers into their own pockets.

“It is on record and verifiable that over 3,950 troops who participated in Peace Support Operations in Liberia and Sudan between 2013 to 2014 are still been [owed] various months of allowances amounting to over $43.23m US Dollars which is equivalent to N6,919,168,000:00 Billion Nigerian Naira to date,” the petition said.

The petition warned that in view of the present security situation in the country, 3,950 soldiers being owed such a staggering amount could revolt “and this will not be good for our country.”

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