AMAZING: 13-year-old Indian girl with IQ higher than Einstein’s

By Terry Odenigbo


A 13-year-old Indian girl Neha Ramu astonished the world after she scored an incredible 162 on a Mensa IQ test in the UK.

The highest score possible for someone under 18 years of age, this led a spokesperson for British Mensa to say, “This puts her within the top 1 per cent of brightest people in the country.”

Neha Ramu was born on May 8, 2000 in Bangalore to mother Jayashree and father Ramu Muniraju – both doctors in ophthalmology. They moved to the UK in 2007, and she joined Westbourne Primary School in Sutton.

Experts believe that the achievement means Neha Ramu is in the same league of outstanding minds such as scientist Albert Einstein and physicist Stephen Hawking.

Ramu is now part of the elite group called the Mensa society, an exclusive club for people with high IQs. The IQ test is designed to evaluate a range of abilities to determine the intelligence level of the student.

einstein-tongue_custom-36fb0ce35776dc2d92eda90880022bf48a67e192-s6-c10-267x300A seventh grade student at Tiffin Girls School, Kingston upon Thames in Greater London, Ramu’s Mensa score was the latest in a series of high achieving performances. Crediting her doctor parents, she says: “They find amazing opportunities for me, which allow me to stretch myself and take my knowledge further without stressing myself out.”

For instance, in 2010, Ramu became an online member of Johns Hopkins’ Centre for Talented Youth (CTY), Baltimore.

Earlier this year, she appeared for the standardised test for 17-18 year-olds and came out with a high score of 740/800. She became eligible to be a part of special three-week programme, which provided her an insight into the workings of the nervous system. This, in turn, made her resolve firm to one day become a doctor.


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