Website Sells Celebrity Sperm At N3.5M per Drop

By Union Nwosu

drop-os-300x206A website is now offering celebrity spèrm for just $22,000 a pop, according to reports.

It’s probably one of the most bizarre websites we have ever seen recently.

Now there is a place where celebrity-obsessed women can choose their baby’s father from a selection of spèrm donors with a history of a privileged or celebrity status. The site boasts that it has 40 different donors for women to choose from, including a former professional footballer, an actor, a genius, a rock star and an aristocrat.

Rates start at $22,000. The website states that the huge amount of money will provide you with a child who is a proven winner and will provide a good start to life. There’s even a quiz to help you select the area of specialty to determine which seed the child should be planted from, to determine which personality, character and lifestyle is for you.

It basically comes down to whether you want a Daniel Radcliffe, a Barack Obama or a Lewis Hamilton. The owner of the website, Dan Richards said: “What we are selling is the spèrm of people who are successful, who have reached the top of their field.

Our goal is to provide excellent levels of care in a supportive and caring environment. We will offer a range of high quality celebrity surrogates whose contributions are available exclusively at our fertility clinic.”


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