Odinaka Ugwuozor- waking a sleeping giant

By Obinna Odenigbo



The Nigerian educational sector may have suffered grueling blows from the senseless Boko Haram campaign against education and the appaling stalemate between the country’s Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union- that has resulted in a crippling strike leaving thousands of students without education for over three months.

While these gloomy examples characterize the ugly reality in the lives of youths of Africa’s most populous nation; they have not deterred one Nigerian corps member- Odinaka Ugwuozor from making incredulous strides in his immediate environ.

NoCoolStory celebrates the strides made by Odinaka- who has quietly, but unequivocally inspired members of the Onicha Ugbo community, primarily, to take positive steps, no matter how ‘insignificant’, towards embracing the change they hope for.

In what has been applauded as an ingenious scheme; he has given new hope to many of the girls in the community school by generating scholarship opportunities to inspire them.

And the results have kept blossoming especially as the scheme is anchored on the promotion and sustenance of excellence among the students. It’s little wonder that many of them have put in extra effort to qualify for the scheme.

In a community where greater emphasis is placed on farming and hawking during school hours, as a means of augmenting the school fees, many of the parents have expressed gratitude and promised to allow their wards concentrate on their schooling.

This comes as welcome News in a country where all Federal and State-run universities are on an indefinite shut down- leaving an uncertain bleak future for the country once called “the giant of Africa”… Maybe not so bleak- after all- with stories like these.

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