NoCoolStory Profile: TBoy Ezeji: the chronicles of a determined artiste

By Terry Odenigbo

IMG_20140327_222238NoCoolStory is in the business of celebrating creativity regardless of where its from; it’s all about celebrating originality and applauding ingenuity.

Before profiling any artists; it’s important to remember that this country is home to over 167 million people! This scary reality should not only paint a picture of the amount of talent in Nigeria, but also highlight the stiff nature of the competition these artists face.

understanding uniqueness in style and delivery, it would be proper to assume this “teen-wonder” is eccentric.

IMG_20140327_224337Tochukwu Ezeji AKA Tboy; a student of the prestigious Godfrey Okoye University, is one of those who has been given a sniff of an opportunity by the “Young Achievas” record label because they believe he could become a serious threat to some of the big names in the business.

Blending western hip-hop style with Afro R&B; Tboy is slowly carving a niche for himself and evolving a brand of music that should in due course become his signature feature.

read his chat with NoCoolStory below:

Can we get to know you?

•My name is Tochukwu Ezeji aka TBOY

How did you get into the business?

•Well music is something I’ve had passion for & I’ve  always wanted to do. So I decided to tackle it professionally, so now I’m here.

Describe your style.

•I think my style is just pure originality, its me being myself & doing what I love.

What are your inspirations?

•I seek inspiration from God, cause you know prayer is the key to anything you wanna do in life. So when I pray I release myself to him, so he guides me & puts me through.

What is your taste in music?

•I love RnB, afro pop & hip hop but I just like being myself & that means being versatile.

Who do you aspire to be like? As successful as?

•Pdiddy & Dbanj, you see they both great artistes and also entrepreneurs. So I aspire to be like them or a lot better than them.

Did you ever think you wouldn’t get this far?

•Honestly yes! I always believe in myself. I’m hardworking & determined. If its something I want then I’ll go for it.

What made you want to do this?

•the love for music can never die. Basically to me its just the love.

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.

•wow! This is gonna be tough. well let me say dbanj in terms of his fashion and business sense,solidstar in terms of originality & phyno in terms of versatility. Phyno is different and always brings something new to the table.

Tell us more about your forthcoming single

•Yeah my new single is titled ‘Loose Control’. I had selebobo on the track too & he also produced it.

Its set to drop this weekend so y’all wait on it & I hope you like it.

How was it working with one of the best producers in the industry; selebobo?

•I’ve known selebobo since I was in high school. Then I was in this click with my friends called beat boiz music group. We make music together and then go to selebobo to record. He has been a huge support to me and always advised me also. I thank him a lot for all that & for blessing my single too & I pray God crowns all his efforts. Amen

Tell us about your record label and how you got signed

•I’m currently signed to Young Achievas Entertainment, its a sub-label under Achievas Entertainment, I’m sure you all have heard that name before judging from the likes of solidstar who’s signed under them. So my label operates under them and I’m lucky to be the 1st artiste under such a unique label.

I got signed last month, actually my boss is actually my friend, we go to the same school.He heard my song & told me about his plan of establishing the label so we decided to work together, I make good music & he promotes them for me. So that’s why I’m here today. I thank God for my boss & everybody on the Achievas Ent Team, they’ve been a huge support to me.

How can you be reached, I mean are you on any social media platforms?

•Yes! U can reach me on Twitter & Instagram, my handle is @officialTBOY

That’s good to know. so where do you see yourself in 5years?

•well in 5years by God’s grace I’m gonna be bigger than I am today & would also be someone people inspire to be.

Thanks for your time Tboy, we hope your dreams get actualised.

•Thank you NoCoolStory. I really appreciate the support from your team.


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  2. Hmm he looks promising. Would love to have you perform over here at Australia. Kudos

  3. This boy sharp o. NoCoolStory abeg update me when he drops his song with selebobo.

  4. Omg hairy and cute. I like the swag. God bless young achieves for you

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