NoCoolStory Profile: DAMMY PAYNE- the chronicles of a weird Nigerian artiste

By Obinna Odenigbo

weird5It was Albert Einstein who once said, “True art is characterised by an irresistible urge to create.”. That urge to create couldn’t be any more intense in West Africa’s Dammy Payne– founder of weirdstudios designs.

The self-taught graphics designer continues to defy the odds in his quest to stretch graphic design to its very limits. It is such ingenuity and guts that NoCoolStory celebrates.

Dammy was fortunate to be born into an artistic family which helped nurture his amateurish creative tendencies. After all, as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “Every artiste was first an amateur”.

His family noticed and fanned the flames of his  gift, by encouraging him to ascend new creative heights. This in turn fuelled his boundless enthusiasm for arts, design, photography, drawing, and painting as evidenced in some of the pictures in this essay.

His ability to combine and retouch colours, pigments and motion displays definitely constitute his forte and have garnered a budding albeit significant followership. And that includes us- right here at NoCoolStory. His insight and vision border on ingenuity and it is such traits that endear him to us. And you couldn’t blame us; an artiste is valued not for his labour- but for his vision!


It is that vision, artistry and imaginative forethought that have set him apart. We wish him the very best in his ascent to greater heights.

weird3 And when he does hit those heights, don’t forget you heard him professed and confessed first right here on NoCoolStory. After all; a guilty conscience needs to confess… but a work of art is a confession!


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  1. Nicole Charisse

    He’s clearly talented… Even though I’m not sure which of the pictures is his. If you live around New Jersey, we might need your services for our carniv

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