NoCoolStory Fashion with Dubem – photos

By Dubem Mark Mbiwe


Hey people 😘😚 Am going to be your fashion editor for .I also own a blog and I’m an aspiring fashion designer. Seat back and relax as I’ll be sharing my amazing fashion ideas, trending fashion tips, celebrity street styles, my signature design (mixing up African and western fabrics) and all things fashion on this platform. 


I’m really excited to start this  journey with you. So get ready people. i strongly believe fashion is an expression of imagination and thoughts, your imaginations could run wild like me and that’s okay ‘cos that’s how we individualize our selves when it comes to fashion so dont think twice before you get out of your comfort zone, dont be bored when you look at that mirror, try on something new! let go! be daring! indulge yourself!
Another photo after the cut


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