MISS NIGERIA: “I’ll fight domestic violence”- 18yr old Chiamaka Odimegwu

By Obinna Odenigbo

Mild2Douglas Horton once said, “Beauty is variable; and ugliness is constant”. But for some people; Beauty is a constant!

You may beg to disagree, but NoCoolStory disagrees with your cliché of ‘beauty lying in the eyes of the beholder’. Why can’t we just accept that beauty can reach a common consensus before all eyes? Even before the blind!

One of such scarce examples is a preliminary contestant for the Miss Nigeria 2013; Chiamaka Mildred Odimegwu. At only 18, this stunning beauty is in her third year in the Lagos State University focused; pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree! Reminds you of what they say about beauty and brains, huh?

Anyway, NoCoolStory caught up with Chiamaka and asked how she was combining her education with the painstaking lifestyle of a model- potentially set to represent Nigeria on the biggest stage.

“Well, I’m no stranger to pressure. I may be young, but I’ve had a considerable experience with modelling and of course, school has always been a constant. So, I think I’m coping pretty okay. I have been modelling since I was very little and have gradually grown into it.” She explained with a graceful tone in her voice and a charming smile to complement.



When asked what notable modelling exposure she had before her quest to contest in the Miss Nigeria event, she said: “Well, I’ve done a few jobs. I’ve worked with MTN, featured in a few magazines like the Dynamix youth magazine and City People Magazine and was among the last 60 of the Nigeria Super model 2012.”

MildredNoCoolStory inquired what she would do with the crown; if she went on to win it.

“My wining Miss Nigeria beauty pageant will help me change a lot of lives positively. It will also serve as a perfect platform to fight against the ugly trend of domestic violence against women and children- which unfortunately is becoming rampant in our country.”

mild3On a final note, I shot my last question; What would you do if you don’t win Miss Nigeria 2013?

“Well, life goes on… I only hope to put in my best in whatever I do and hopefully, someday when I meet God, I would tell him, I have used all the talents he gave me”

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