Lagos couple fails DNA test for their twins at US Embassy

By Obi Odenigbo

couple fraudControversy currently trails the parenthood of  five-month-old twins who were presented at the United States of America’s embassy by their supposed parents for the procurement of visa.

This follows result of a DNA test ordered by the embassy which reports showed that the couple were not the biological parents of the twins as claimed.

Consequently, the couple have been arrested and are being interrogated at the Special Fraud Unit, SFU Milverton, for alleged child-trafficking.

Although investigation, according to the unit, had not been concluded, there were indication that the children could have been bought for N1.8 million somewhere in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Following the discovery, the passport of the supposed father, Mr Adenuga Shoyibo, a Nigerian based in America has been seized pending the outcome of the investigation.

But Soyibo, who claimed to be a USA citizen, maintained that the children were theirs, disclosing  that the twins came at a traditional home in Port Harcourt, 15  years after they got married.

He further revealed  that he paid N1.8 million to the trado-medical practitioner for the herbs administered to his wife which eventually led to her conception.


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