“I’m A Mother Of 2, And I’m Only 15” – Read My Story

By Union Nwosu 

youngmother2-217x300Alleshia Gregson was 12 when she became pregnant with her son Lewis. She told herself that no one would ever know of the baby’s existence. She would keep it hidden in her wardrobe and feed it bread and milk.

What a pitifully naive vision of motherhood, drawn from her experience of looking after her dolls.

She did keep the pregnancy a secret from everyone, including her mother Cherryl and the baby’s teenage father.

Her mother learned of her daughter’s condition just 22 minutes before the birth, when Alleshia texted her from the family bathroom: ‘I’m pregnant and I think it’s coming.’ Lewis, now three, was born soon afterwards in the living room of the family home.

Unbelievably, ten months later, Alleshia became pregnant again by the same boy.

When her second son, Braidan, was born in  May 2011, 15-year-old Alleshia had the ignominious privilege of becoming Britain’s youngest mother of two children who were not twins.

Her story, which came to light this week, casts a bleak reflection of a stratum of society in which the products of broken families are blithely having children when they are still children themselves.

Take the father of Lewis and Braidan, who was just 14 when his first son was conceived.

youngmother1As well as the two children he has with Alleshia, the boy, now 19, is believed to have fathered three more sons by two other girls and is expecting a sixth child by a fourth partner.

One of these other children was born just a month after Lewis.

The teenage father’s fondness for procreating is not matched by an interest in his children once they are born: he has met Lewis once and has not laid eyes on Braidan.

At Headlands School in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, Alleshia’s pregnancy was an unusual event, but only, it seems, because other girls had abortions when they got pregnant.

One teenager who criticised Alleshia said she’d had four terminations in the space of a year.

Given her unstable home life and upbringing, it is perhaps little wonder that Alleshia became pregnant at such a tender age.

She and her mother moved to Bridlington from Nottingham in 2008. Cherryl, 41, has two other children, Kirsty, 22, and Ryan, 21, from a marriage that broke up.

Alleshia’s father is a car salesman, from whom Cherryl split in 2001, when their daughter was five.

She sees her father, but over the years their relationship has been, at best, fractious.

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