“I am no longer Sexually active”- Afro Legend Femi Kuti

Afro-beat legend and legacy, Femi Kuti hasn’t been as controversial as his father, nor promiscuous, but he still has his issues.

In a recent interview with a National Newspaper, the 51 year old Femi Kuti revealed that he’s no more sexually active because he now has so many responsibilities to attend to.

“That is not true, I am no more sexually


active. When you see a beautiful woman, when you reach my age and you have responsibility like myself, you will know what I am talking about.

Before now, as a young man, you would want to go after her. There are many nights I go and sleep alone not because I don’t have girlfriends or want a girlfriend, when I think of the responsibility I have in my life, I will immediately have a rethink.

The women in my life also have responsibilities. I can tell you that the mothers of my children, we stay together, we are very serious. You could say we are husband and wife but I don’t believe in marriage. I just don’t understand why one man will say I pronounce you man and wife, in that case. I pronounce myself man and wife.

I am very different from my father but in a lot of ways like him.

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