Goziex Tech ‘SIB mobile app’ featured in Dublin Web Summit

Goziex Tech’s Studyinbudapest Mobile App Featured at the Websummit in Dublin 2015 


“It’s been called “the best technology conference on the planet”.

 “Being a participant at the web summit, Europe’s largest technology conference, is a great feeling. Attending as an exhibitor is even a greater accomplishement for Goziex Tech LTD” – Iyiegbu Davies Chigozie/ Founder of SIB (STUDYINBUDAPEST MOBILE APP) .


With over 42,000 people from 134 countries that came to Dublin for the Web Summit, 2015 was undoubtedly one of the biggest of its kind in history, bringing businesses together from startups to tech giants such as Google. Amongst the 2,141 start-ups who exhibited “STUDYINBUDAPEST MOBILE APP”, there were those who

displayed their vision and solutions to the emerging and existing problems in the education industry.


The studyinbudapest Mobile App is an app with a variety of services, which aims to solve the lenghty admission processes and visa issues faced by millions of students around the globe. SIB (Studyinbudapest) plans on accomplishing these goals by offering prospective students the ability to turn their mobile phones into a post education application form, with a wide spectrum of first class European higher educational institutions to choose from.


For the first time in history, SIB users have the ability to apply for admission, search for programs and courses, compare tuition fees, have access to reviews and ratings, check their admission status, track their admission letter (once accepted into the university) with delivery via courier, book accommodation, schedule an airport taxi pick up, organise student health insurance, access flight information, access the refund tuition fees feature, search for student jobs, book a visa appointment, gain a city guide & tourist info as push notifications, all through the mobile app.


Considering a report conducted by the Guardian Newspaper online in May 2009,  many students only have one shot to apply for a visa and many get turned down for reasons such as, supplying photocopied supporting documents rather than originals. According to The Guardian -“Students are apparently treated with great suspicion by

most british authorities, when 99.9% are absolutely legitimate.”  The number of students who get denied a visa for study purposes are steadily increasing, as displayed in a Hungarian student resident permits forecast. This has shown a slight decrease in the year 2014, based on the applications received in 2013, for the very same reasons as expected.


Indeed there is a problem, which leads to an opportunity out there. Opportunities that SIB have taken advantage of  by simplifying the process and preparing prospective students for the transition, giving them confidence that it is more than just the possibility of studying abroad. In fact it has been easier to overcome those issues via SIB.  Hence giving the reason why SIB  was reported as one of the most exciting start ups at the Web Summit Dublin 2015 by tigerpawsjnrsstories.com.


With a steady growth of downloads for SIB across all platforms such Google Play, Apple Itunes, Blackberry App world, Amazon and Windows, what is SIB focused on now? Well, the executive team has got some big ideas, helping every one of our  international students to make each and every step in their admission process and visa process as easy as possible. All students using the application need to do is; download the app, fill in details such as personal information, desired course, select a university , upload a photo or scan image of their highest level of education results or transcripts, select the option of a visa assistance package and click on get me admission.


It goes to show, why SIB is not only a worthy component of the 2015 WebSummit but also one of the most pretentious startups at the event itself, by opening up a completely new aspect of education accessibility for anyone, anywhere, at any time. Exhibiting at the WebSummit is all about technology and with over 42,000 attendees, exploring 21 different mini-summits, under 1,500 lights and 3 miles of bunting. Over 1,000 speakers took the stage and led round table discussions. With all this being said, one would think that with all these variations of tech companies already in existence, one ought to be doing or sharing same idea that Goziex Tech has presented through SIB.  Yet the Studyinbudapest Mobile app remains Europe’s first mobile app of its kind, with a tuition money back guarantee, according to all the apps stores and the WebSummit attendee list has shown.


The SIB team remains optimistic that their start up mobile app service will solve a vast majority of daunting problems for millions of student around the globe. At least for the moment there is no alternative to what SIB is providing. According to Iyiegbu Davies Chigozie – ” It was an exciting tech experience to see our idea at the world stage, in helping to solve monumental problems for students. We have also launched the Studyineurope mobile app, to give students a wider reach, as planned for the future. WebSummit was a big win for us at Goziex Tech. We got more than 300 potential international partners, clients and investors whom are now helping us grow our business globally.”


Numerous well-known persons visited the SIB booth, and the team got the opportunity to meet other attendees and speakers such as the Co-founder of Instagram, Mike Kriege, to discuss potential future partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the industry. ’’The majority of attendees SIB spoke with, found the information about the idea as well as of the problem we are solving, worthwile” – Iyiegbu Davies Chigozie


This edition of the WebSummit was just great for SIB. SIB managed to execute appointments with investors, who then introduced us to some big clients and potential partners such as, Microsoft, Ventures and Santander Innovation Unit.


Iyiegbu Davies Chigozie being not only the founder of SIB but also the Chief developer of the app itself, recieved mentorship sessions from Google Inc at WebSummit. Furthermore, during most of the mentoring time Google Inc highlited SIB and its team progression. Iyiegbu was also featured on the National Irish television (UTV Ireland) as a social commentator on Tinder App rivalry and host of other media coverage such as Droppin for EU commission, and as a spokesman for SIB.


With the media buzz around the globe, Odogwu media is inspired by the creativity that has made 199,054 tweets regarding the WebSummit over the three days and four nights (duration of the event). The top trends were #WebSummit, #audiPITCH and #Dublin. 1,231 of the world’s media representatives came to report.


The 41,675 people who couldn’t make it to Dublin watched the Center Stage via a livestream and we have brought you what you have missed, check out the video of the websummit 2015 which featured the Studyinbudapest Mobile App.


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