Female teacher in trouble for defiling student

By Terry Odenigbo
rape3Jennifer Vigil, 31, was arrested on Tuesday after a student reported her for allegedly pressuring him into s*x — in her classroom — at Pojoaque Valley High School in New Mexico.

Vigil maintains that the s*x was consensual, but the student reportedly told police that the idea of s*x with her was “disgusting.” The unidentified minor took a picture of one s*x act on his cellphone, and said that he only consented to s*x because Vigil locked the doors and propositioned him, police said.

Vigil is suspected of having s*x with the male horticulture student on two separate occasions. The teen reported that on the first occasion, he was turning in an assignment after school when Vigil said, “You’re not leaving until I get something from you,” KRQE reports. The student claims he refused her advances but then later agreed to a s*xual act so that he could leave.

The second time reportedly happened during lunch, moments after Vigil’s morning class had cleared the room.

Vigil reportedly claims it was the student who asked for s*xual favors, and that he’s an adult, though Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Maj. Ken Johnson said it doesn’t matter.

“They need be aware regardless on whether it’s consensual, a teacher-student situation, that it is wrong. That it’s against the law,” he told KRQE.

Vigil has been teaching at the school for eight years. She’s being held at Santa Fe County Jail without bond.

source: informationng.com

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