Exclusive: “Music is my soul”- Freestyle wonderkid Nick Dama talks Africa

By Obi Odenigbo

Nick Dama

Nick Dama

Anna Pavlova once said; “God gives talent. Work transforms talent into genius.” That saying couldn’t ring more true than it does for the young Nicholas Dama whose hard work is slowly by surely transforming this talented kid into an ingenious star. The sensational 19 year old Def Jam Island artiste caught the eye of NoCoolStory after performing at a Minneapolis gig where he exhibited just why he could be the next big thing to hit the music industry.

NoCoolStory is in the business of celebrating creativity. We go about seeking underground talent; and bringing them to the fore. We seek underground kings and crown them right here in the court of public opinion. We go after diamonds in the dirt and have you watch them shine. Nick definitely falls in these criteria; and we couldn’t help but have a conversation with Nick. Naturally, I started by asking how it all started.

nick 2“I started making music when I was about 11 years old.” He explained- pointing to his innate talent. “It started with the rhythm. I’d hear a song and just bob my head right along with it. I knew it was something I wanted to do and here I am; pushing it and chasing that childhood dream.”

I needn’t add that Nick is proof that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. He narrates how overcome several hurdles growing up;

nick 3

“I grew up in a tough area for the first part of my life. I lived in north Minneapolis on 27th and Humboldt Avenue North. I lived there till I was about 13. Trust me Obi, it wasn’t a pretty neighbourhood. I grew up street smart and with a hood mentality that you always have to watch your back. And that’s what I did. In the streets, you learn that trust is a rare commodity. There’s so many people out there you can’t trust and that mind-set helped me get independent earlier than my peers.”

So, Nick tell us. What was the defining moment in your childhood that drove you to music?

nick 5


Nick continues; “Most of my life, I’ve always used music to explain how I feel or how I see things. Music is such a strong, beautiful thing. It’s all about the message of the music to me. I love writing music; but free styling about a specific feeling or subject right in that moment is becoming more important to me.”

Most of our audience are Africans, and are thrilled to hear your record label Def Jam Island is planning an African tour for you next year. Got any word for them?

nick and Kim

Nick and Kim

“Sure. I love Africa. It’s the motherland and I can’t wait to get that tour started. For now though, I’m working hard to make the tour worth its while and my label and family have continued to motivate me. They are the reason I do this. I do it for my family. I do it  for my daughter. I do it for Kim. Music is my life.”

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  1. Nice writeup. Can’t wait to hear him freestyle. Great job NoCoolStory

  2. When is he coming to Africa. You better keep us updated.

  3. What part of Africa? Nigeria?

  4. This looks like hype. I gotta hear him freestyle to believe he’s as good as you claim he is. One love though

  5. Cindy Onyekwuluje

    He’s so cute 🙂

  6. Cindy Onyekwuluje

    Great job NoCoolStory. I love you guys

  7. Nice one. 🙂

  8. Stupid writeup. There’s no song to let us know if he’s really good. I bet he raps like daffy duck hahahaa

  9. Quit hating James. Keep it up Nick. Sorry about your dad. Africa loves you too

  10. Shout out to my mans Obi for spreading our movement with TeamBNT, you can check out more of our artists. The link will be at the bottom.
    I will keep you guys posted with some samples and freestyles! Thanks for the love everyone !
    One love
    Nick Dama


  11. Nice one nick. Your eccentric.

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