Drinking tap water can lower your sex drive, dude!

tap_water_1824492bEver wondered if residual pharmaceuticals in water–without a drinking water filter attachment–were affecting you in any way?  Noticing that your sex life and sexual performance is going downhill and not knowing why?

Wonder no more. It’s the drugs in the unfiltered water you’re drinking!

A study recently published in the Aquatic Toxicology journal (September 2010) confirms our worst fears: pharmaceuticals in our water are not just affecting the sex life of fish but the sex life of male humans, too.

The findings show that Prozac and drugs like it are a real environmental danger to fish breeding levels in the wild. When researchers exposed male goldfish to water treated with the popular antidepressant drug Prozac, guess what happened? They produced up to 50 per cent less sperm. They also responded less to pheromones the female fish release to attract males.

Because existing sewage plants are not designed to eliminate trace elements of any drugs from the water supply, humans and the quality of their sex lives are at risk, too. Low levels of unprocessed Prozac are produced and enter the sewage cycle when a person urinates. Even if the drugs do degrade somewhat over time, more gets added to the mix every time we flush.

So every time we drink water treated by those sewage plants, then we ingest and accumulate concentrations of residual drugs into our bodies. Not just Prozac either. Think about all the other drugs people take in any given day. Then imagine concentrations of them amassing in our water supply, slipping through the municipality’s coarse sand filters and eventually into our glass of water. (By the way, it really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Prozac decreases sex drive in humans. Eli Lily already lists it as one of Prozac’s possible side-effects.)

Is it any wonder that our culture is so obsessed with and dependent upon sex-enhancement drugs like Viagra? We needed something to fight the effect of drugs in our water, didn’t we? How ironic that we chose to ingest yet another drug to combat its debilitating effects!

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