Cool Poetry: ANGST by Chino Ibe

By Chino Ibe

10-reasons-Shades-shackles-readers-KT1R0F4P-x-largeWhere do we go from here?
All we do is err.

The oil from the delta,
Some guzzle from a pitcher,
Look at their bellies,
Portly with all our monies.

What happened to our coal?
Something the oil boom stole,
Just like our numerous minerals,
Without proper funerals.

Now all I see is rolling heads,
Kids slaughtered in their beds,
And the nation turns moody,
The centenary cake is bloody.

whaatttWhy can’t we all be made?-
There are many, all kinds of trade.
With hardwork and persistence,
Never a waiver to consistence.

Change is indispensable,
Leaders are dispensable.
March in the fresh blood,
Let the old wait for mud.

All we do is err,
How do we go from here?

Chino Ibe is a 22 year old student at the Nigerian Law School.
Like most Nigerians, she woke up on the morning of 25th February to the news of the Massacre of school kids at Federal Government College, Yobe.
The haunting images from that slaughter contrasts starkly with the Centenary celebrations. This troubles the poet. And birthed this piece

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  1. Great writeup. Talented lady

  2. Loved this poem. the picture chino paints shows her intuitive powers

  3. This is good.

    This country sef

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