Cool Parties: The Last Groove- Details

By Terry Odenigbo

“Alcohol isn’t the answer, it just makes you forget the question”- Definitely your gonna be forgetting a lot more than just a question in the event.

The INSANE and BMH Entertainment have well-organised this event in such a perspicacious way to ensure maximum fun and it would be intellectual craze to miss out on this. On the 18th of december 2013 in Orange Room by 2pm, the entire revelation of this enthralling occasion would be crystal clear and well displayed and we expect the highest quality of good music from your very own DJ Funky.
They would be exclusive performances from the finest upcoming Eastern Nigerian Artistes such as; Tidinz, PrinceLeo and lots more. Word on the street is that the best performer gonna have both Tidinz and PrinceLeo in his/her song for free.
Other businesses such as Rap battles, Dance battles, drinking competitions,$150 to the best-dressed-female and $100 to the best-dressed-male; are all fused in to keep the atmosphere blithesome and make sure the heart of every individual is merry.

NoCoolStory wishes everyone a rip-roaring Christmas & encourages all who would be present to party hard,make mistakes,laugh endlessly,do things your afraid to do. After all, your only young once.

Do you yearn to be celebrated on #NoCoolStory? Contacts via email at or BBM: 2A8FF225

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