Cool Jams: “WAZOBIA” by Kris D- DOWNLOAD

By Obinna Odenigbo

kriisBecause prodigies are few and far between, our obsession with this rare breed of geniuses is understandable. And hey, why not? Who wouldn’t want to identify with ingenuity?

Christian ‘Kris D’ Daniel has been burrowing his way against gruelling odds and it is ever so obvious what keeps him going- sheer ingenuity and raw talent.

The 25-year old is slowly, but surely carving a niche for himself in the fiercely competitive Nigerian musical industry. This is evidenced by the rave reviews his trilogy has garnered.

Born to the illustrious Engineer Chris Daniel (God rest his soul) and veteran journalist Mrs Kande Daniel (of the Nigerian Television Authority), Kris D’s positive tenacity, strength of character and resolve to succeed are not only remarkable but genetic- with both parents excelling in their respective disciplines and inculcating in him the drive to succeed.

Wazobia embodies his journey so far and NoCoolStory is proud to support yet another young African who tells zero cool stories

To Download WAZOBIA, click on the following link


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