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Do you yearn to be heard?

Do you believe you are creative? Are you confident your work is top notch?

Do you have an article, essay, poem or any ideas you would like your peers to read about? You’re in luck today!

And oh wait; do you have an event/party coming up and you’re worried about getting posters done, getting fliers printed, publicity stunts or even having it broadcast to folks from the heart of Africa all the way to bright city lights of New York?

Again; thank your stars cos you’re just three steps away from one hell of an event

1. Pick up that phone of yours

2. Compose a text

3. Send to 763 777 0267 (Add a +1 prefix to the numbers if you are outside the United States)

It’s that easy!

Alternatively, you could drop an electronic mail to



Twitter Handles: @NoCoolStory


Phone: +1 763 777 0267

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