West African Heroines- Chisquare talk to NoCoolStory

By Obinna Odenigbo

chiiiThe most famous twins may have been the Dionne quintuplets born in 1934. But ever since then; the phenomenon of twinning has caught the fantasies of many. And it’s no cool story saying that they are distinctive.

NoCoolStory revels in this fascinating reality.

How two people can look so identical is simply amazing. This wonderful spectacle has mesmerized people from all walks of life and if there’s anything about them that we all agree on; it is the fact that they are special!

In celebration of their uniqueness; we delve into the lives of these special ones in our midst and bring their stories to you!

In this edition; we proudly present to you West African TV personalities and entertainment figures- Chigo and Chinwe.

It’s a pleasure meeting you- and umm you… What are your names?
Our names are Chigo and Chinwe Izu. But you can call us Chisquare

Ha-ha- that’s interesting. But please help me out here- what’s the most glaring difference between both of you?

The most glaring difference should be our smile; but basically don’t think we are so much alike but a lot of people say we are though. But we look very different- at least that’s what we think.

chiiiiiHow do you cope with the obvious attention both of you attract?

We cope so well; as a matter of fact; we love it… The good thing is that it opens a lot of doors… ha-ha!!

We feel elated, always being at the centre of attraction. Everybody loves the limelight- Chisquare is no exception.

Have you tried to commercialize your uniqueness in any way?
We are a brand- ’chisquare’ and we are into entertainment. We are presenters and have worked with Nigerian Television houses for at least four years now. We were the presenters for the show entitled “Take 2 2 with chisquare”. It’s still airing in some states around the south-south and of course in Abuja (the capital of Nigeria). Besides TV, we also host a radio show entitled ‘Girls talk’ It’s a very popular one.

Besides these; we host red carpet events and pageantries. An example of such which I have hosted with my sister was the red carpet event for the south-south music Awards 2009 and 2010. We were preliminary judges for Mnet GLO Naija Sings 2010 and also both preliminary judges/guest judges on Mnet GLO Naija Sings 2011 (Benin south-south region).

We also get to do some modelling and we work as promotion managers for various (African) artistes; like Kefee, Jay Martins, Wizboy, Sunny Neji, Harry Song, Orezi, Weird MC and the ‘Do Me’ promo for P Square. We also do promos for Nigga Raw as well as so many upcoming acts. For these guys; we run both audio and video promotions in various states within Nigeria… And we’ve been at this for many years now.

 Boy! You should have seen the look on his face

Are you best friends or do you have friends you are closer to?
We are best of friends but also have very close friends and other twin sisters as well.

Have you ever pulled any pranks before?



No… I haven’t- well, I didn’t directly pull this prank but let’s just say. Chigo went to deliver a package to someone and met this guy, they got talking and he asked her out on a date, I presume they didn’t finish, so she came back home and casually told me about it. Ten minutes later; I stepped out- I was going to the supermarket and heard someone call ‘chigo’ so I turned and obviously it was the same guy my sister met with the description and all. He just said that we didn’t decide on the date… you know; so I basically played along until Chigo joined us. Boy! You should have seen the look on his face. The guy was dumbfounded. We all just laughed and we are friends to this very day.

What are the most annoying questions people have asked you?
“Are you twins?” I wouldn’t say it’s annoying though, but come on; can’t you see?
Some even ask “Do you look alike? When you obviously can tell if we are or not haha.

Plan on marrying on the same day?
Hell No…We have virtually done the same things and all. A day to one’s self won’t be a bad idea you know. (Chigo winks)

Would you prefer to marry twins to non-twins?

Non-twins… Thank you very much. Ha-ha
How do you relax; and what are your hobbies?
We love watching movies and listening to good/healthy songs. We enjoy swimming too- as well as travelling and chilling with our friends.

For the full interview of these amazing twins, watch out for our next paperback edition

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