Authorities find feral boy raised by a family of apes


MALAYSIAN authorities have finally found a feral boy brought up by a family of ourang outang’s in the Borneo jungle over at least the last two years having adopted him as one of their own.  

Believed to have been lost in the Borneo forest, the young boy, was found by the big apes and raised as one of their own but there had been several sightings of him over recent years. In response, the authorities mounted a search for the young boy across the vast tropical rainforest and yesterday, they were finally able to locate him.  

Osman Mahmat Rahman, a spokesman for the Royal Malaysia Police, said: “We are trying to establish the actual age and identity of the boy. The boy is extremely nervous and aggressive when approached by humans and that made his capture quite complicated, especially since the other ourang outangs attempted vigorously to defend him.  

“We had to tranquilize three of the adult apes using darts filled with sedatives before we could lay our hands on the child. We really went to great lengths to make sure we did not injure him during the operation and the boy was immediately taken to the hospital and put under the custody of agents from the Social Welfare Department.”  

A preliminary evaluation by doctors at the Borneo Medical Centre showed that the boy was in surprisingly good health. He had grown rather normally and showed no signs of malnutrition.

Medical observations also showed that he had probably been living with the group of primates for at least two or three years and appears to have forgotten all previous forms of human socialisation. It is still not clear, however, how he found himself with this group of primates.

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