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By Obi Odenigbo


How many zeroes, again? Oh come off it! Don’t dwell on the zeroes, they don’t count for money or get credited to your account.

You’re still gaping- probably, wondering what they stand for?

I might as well kill your misery. You see those zeroes with the ’17′ in front of them? They stand for the approximate number of human beings living and working and hustling and surviving in Africa’s most populous nation. We’re talking about Nigeria!

So it’s actually little wonder why we have so much talent oozing from all corners of the country. MI from Plateau, Wizkid from Ogun, Flavour from Enugu, Nigger Raw from Abia, Don Jazzy from Delta, Sam Klef from Imo, Yung6ix from Warri… the list is virtually endless and the endowment- infinite!

And to think that these names account only for a negligible fraction of Nigerians who have attained a certain degree of fame- now what about the other 170,000,000?

Mind blowing stuff huh?

dkd3Well, wait till you meet DKD- one of Africa’s fastest rising talents. I had the pleasure of chatting with him one-on-one and delving into his background to uncover what stories define his personal history. After all, what else do we do in NoCoolStory other than tell untold true stories?

Notice that my questions assume normal fonts, while DKD’s replies are emboldened for easy perusal:

Tell us a little bit about you

My name is Daniel K Daniel, most people prefer to call me ‘Dkd’ – that’s the name you’d hear more often. I’m an actor, model, and businessman. I’m from the Eastern part of Nigeria, Nenwe in Enugu State to be exact. I studied Applied Biochemistry and I’m the first of four; I’ve got two cool brothers and a lovely sister. In a nutshell, Dkd is a hard-working, easy-going, fun-loving guy.
At what point did you decide to take acting up as a career?

I had a few openings and opportunities during school (university) because I was doing a lot of modelling then, but I held out till I got my degree… To be honest, I wasn’t really interested at first but I fell in love with movies and film making after my very first stint.

DKD- Actor, Mode, Businessman

DKD- Actor, Model, Businessman

What’s your take on the growth of the movie industry in Africa in contrast to major powerhouses?

I believe we are gradually getting to where we’d love to be in terms of the quality of the movies being produced.
We don’t just churn them out like we used to, regardless of the final product. A lot more time, care and resources are now being dedicated to movie making in Africa. More of our movies now make it onto the big screen and are making waves far and wide, even in Asia surprisingly. You won’t believe the number of fan mails I get in foreign languages *laughs*… Makes me feel like I’m doing something right…

A lot more time, care and resources are now being dedicated to movie making in Africa.


DKD in the blockbuster- The Child

What’s the craziest movie you ever featured in and why?

Craziest? That’s a tricky word… I have played quite a wide variety of roles in my short time.
I wouldn’t call it crazy but the most controversial yet is the Ghanaian movie ‘Under’, in which I played a gay character. It was very challenging.


DKD starring with Ramsey Nouah

Who do you consider a role model within Nollywood?

I might get smacked for this, but I didn’t get to see a lot of Nollywood movies while growing up, so I didn’t really have a role model before I got into the industry. It had both positive and negative effects on me.  But now things are different cos my role models are most of my colleagues and friends. Some of them include Aunt Joke Silva, Alex Usifo, Ramsey Noah, et cetera… Like I said, I work with them and other colleagues who collectively inspire me and hopefully spur me to even greater heights.
dkd7A lot has been said about a “diabolic hand” in the multiple deaths last year in Nollywood, what’s your take on it?

It’s a topic I’d rather not discuss but since you’ve touched on it I’ll go ahead and give you my thoughts. I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a ‘diabolic hand’; people die every day. It’s the natural order of things, some are lucky enough to get very old, some are not.
It just feels different with the entertainment industry because most of us are famous and popular, so when something happens to anyone in the entertainment industry, it is normally blown out of proportion.

So you think, the hype surrounding their deaths is blown out of proportion?

Yes, I do. People need to understand that artistes are humans with the same natural tendency to live and die. We have normal lives like everyone does. We live, we love, we cry, we die, just like everyone else. That said, I urge everyone to get closer to God. I cannot overemphasize how essential it is.

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