5 Reasons To Consider the Catholic Priesthood

By Obi Odenigbo

priest 1Last week, we published an article citing 5 reasons to marry when still in the prime of your youth (CLICK HERE TO READ THAT ARTICLE). And this week, we are looking to flip things over a little bit by publishing this sequel. We present 5 reasons why you should consider the Catholic Priesthood in the prime of your youth.

Obviously, you need to be Catholic (or nurse conversion aspirations) to take these reasons any seriously. Anyway, enough of the prefacing; let’s get to it.


  1. You will be Happy:

I can almost feel you cringe at this reason. How on earth can an “unmarried man” and “happiness” be used in the same phrase? That’s not an entirely weird question especially with the lavish Nigerian weddings we are accustomed to attending and the prevalent sex culture. The notion that a fit and healthy man should vow to never ‘feel the warmth’ of a woman is impossible to fathom. Something’s gotta be wrong with him. He must be miserable or insane or both! But FORBES does not agree with you. In an article published by the renowned magazine entitled “Ten Happiest Jobs in the World” (Click Here for the FORBES article), the priesthood was ranked as the NUMBER ONE happiest job in the world- three places above Authors and six places above Artistes. The least worldly are reported to be the happiest of all!

priest 2

  1. No Drama:

This second reason feeds off the first point. Why does a magazine as secular as FORBES regard priesthood as the happiest job? With all the child-molestation scandals and perceived loneliness; doesn’t it sound ironic to you? Let’s look at it this way. Typically, priests (good priests) spend more time thinking about what sermon to deliver in the next mass than they do about securing the next contract, or wondering why they weren’t promoted at work or contemplating how to pay for their children’s school fees or wife’s exorbitant Brazilian hair. Because guess what? There are no wives or immediate family to cater for. The quarrels and squabbles and dealing with children’s teenage rebellion or divorces that ‘normal’ married people face; is almost extinct in the lifestyle that priests have chosen. And while ‘No Drama’ may be an exaggeration; there is definitely less drama, secundum me.


  1. Job Security

Have you ever met a jobless priest? Like one carrying his CV and reference letters; jumping from one office to another- looking for a job? I didn’t think so. With the current dearth of jobs- especially in Sub Saharan Africa and South America; it is little wonder that those populations have experienced the greatest upsurge into religious life. That is not to say that every priest in Africa or S. America becomes one for the job security; but knowing that after you get ordained (the cool lingo for Graduation ) ; you wouldn’t have to worry about job insecurity is definitely a plus. And it’s not just the job security. Most priests are never tied to a desk. They execute very exciting functions which are as multi-dimensional as they are fascinating.

priest 3

  1. Swag

Maybe ‘swag’ is a bit too hip for what is regarded as a ‘sacred’ job and I hope my Catholic friends take no offence. But the Catholic priesthood brings so much societal respect to the priest and even to his family. Imagine getting a job that lets you stand in front of hundreds of people every Sunday (and sometimes weekdays) and get their undivided attention? Imagine a job that makes people tell you their sins and shortcomings and ask that you ‘absolve’ (another cool lingo J) them? Imagine a job that makes men and women old enough to be your grandparents call you “Father” and ask that you bless them? If that ain’t swag for young’un; I don’t know what is.


  1. Challenge of a Lifetime:

priest 4Stevie Wonder was born blind. He could have resigned to his fate and lived a boring life, but he went on to win 22 Grammys and release over 30 number one hits. Nelson Mandela could have shut up, compromised with the Apartheid regime, and enjoyed a mundane existence with Winnie and his children like millions of families all over the world. We all know his story and how he defied the odds. Oprah Winfrey was a teenage mom at the age of 14 (even though the child died in infancy). She could have fought it out with her baby daddy and blamed her mom for her woes. She could have sought for solace in drugs and alcohol. But again, we know what she’s accomplished.

Let’s face it; every real man wants a challenge. Every real man wants to get off his comfort zone and defy the odds. After all, you only live once (YOLO as my American friends would echo). In any case, the Priesthood offers such an exciting dare-devil adventure- especially if you’re of the Catholic persuasion.


By Obi Odenigbo

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