5 Hard Truths About Success

Oxbridge-0061. To be successful you have to stay inspired. Inspiration is the fuel that powers the engine of your soul. Invest in your heart and soul. That means you might need a better coach or mentor or a new set of friends.

Inspiration is what you lose just after you stop looking for it.

2. To be successful you have to be relentlessly focused. You have to ignore the critics and skeptics — and even your friends. Who cares if everyone around you doesn’t think what you are doing matters. If it matters to you, do it.

Just because they said you can’t, doesn’t mean that you never will.

3. To be successful you have to keep trying long after it’s fun or trendy. The only magic wand you have is your effort. No one can take away from you the hard work you invest in achieving audacious goals.

Trying is what you “do” until it’s done.

4. To be successful you have to believe in yourself. You have to make achieving your goal a religion — a higher calling.

If you believe you can’t, you’ll always find a reason to give up too soon.

5. To be successful you have to keep fighting even when you are already hurt. You don’t get to fight rested. Every day is game day.

You’re never really out of the fight until you quit trying.

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