10 SEX facts you need to know by Lucy Danziger

By Lucy Danziger


Because you’ve heard what they say: Knowledge is pleasure, er, power.

You might want to hit the gym before you hit the sheets. Getting just 20 minutes of cardio exercise can increase genital arousal in women, researchers at the University of Texas in Austin have found. But maybe shower between heart-pumping sessions?

Yep, size matters for women, too. A study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that the clitoris becomes 15 to 20 percent larger on the 14th day of your cycle, thanks to the extra blood flow, making the spot even more sensitive.

No more “I have a headache.” Having sex can alleviate migraines, a study from the University of Muenster finds. Nearly 20 percent of women said the relief happened at the moment they climaxed.

Don’t neglect your girls. Brain scans show that when women stroke their nipples, it activates the same area of the brain as clitoral and vaginal stimulations, Rutgers University scientists say.

In case you’re curious, Americans get busy nearly three times a week, a Trojan survey reports. That’s about 156 times a year.

Your brain becomes more activated when you look at naked people as opposed to clothed ones, research in PLoS One finds. Hey, it’s all about priorities.

Men like Tiger and Arnold should handle their packages with care. Cheaters who have rushed sex in risky places are more likely to break their penis, a University of Maryland School of Medicine study finds.

An eye-tracking study from Emory University found that when men looked at porn, they spent a lot of time checking out women’s faces, not just their bodies. (Awww?)

Om, yeah. A study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 12 weeks of yoga can improve arousal, orgasm, and overall sexual satisfaction. Researchers think the change may be due to extra toned pelvic muscles.

People who enjoy BDSM-type stuff, such as handcuffs and spanking, have a higher sense of well-being than those who don’t, research in The Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests. Fascinating, but we still say Christian Grey had some serious baggage in Fifty Shades.

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